Our Story


Hello, I’m Antonia Sullivan, the Designer-Maker behind Sprig Knitwear.

 Not long after my Grandmother passed away I inherited a cluster of photographs. From photographs of my mother as a little girl playing alongside my uncles, with my grandparents contently watching over them, to photographs of my Grandfather sailing the seas. For the first time all the stories of my Mother and Grandparents came to life  in the form of photographs.  The aesthetics and emotions carried in these photographs left me captivated.



Shortly after I received these photographs I moved to my own little home in the village where my mother grew up.  This is where the majority of these photographs were taken, and I would walk around and compare the photographs to the current day.  I then started to respond to these photographs by creating pictures and paintings, which soon developed into knitting patterns. I would go to vintage markets, specifically to see a vintage toy stall with my mum and observe how she responded to toys from her childhood. I began to fill my house with little wooden toys and old furniture that used to be my Grandmothers. All of this stemmed from these beautiful photographs filled with life and joy.



 As I was setting up my new "knitting nook" in late 2014, Christmas was  around the corner and I wanted to make something special for a friend.  I made her a snood, decorated in a pattern inspired by these photographs and using her favourite colours - orange and grey. She absolutely loved the snood and not long after other people wanted one of their own - thus Sprig Knitwear was born!



Sprig Knitwear explores nostalgia and our relationship with childhood. Our ethos still focuses on wrapping our customers in love and bringing brightness on those bleak winter days with colour, softness and warmth.


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