From the Iconic Collection I was inspired by The Bursledon Windmill. The reason for this choice was my own personal childhood experience - I haven’t visited a windmill since I was a child. As my work explores our relationship with nostalgia and childhood memories, this seemed the most appropriate choice.



While visiting the Windmill, I was given an insightful and guided tour from the staff. From this I was captivated by the interconnection of the entire structure of the windmill. I made a series of drawings, and sketches, from the photographs I had taken.

I wanted to create a holistic  pattern that demonstrated the intricate and connective quality of the windmill system, from the cogs to the sail. This was a challenge as some elements were exterior features and others were interiors. By including with the silhouette of the windmill, this was achieved, and keeping the theme relevant to the collection. The silhouette grows into the background of the pattern - allowing the cogs to be features in the foreground. The use of colour was also decided on the exterior and interior of the building.




By using more then two colours, it also allowed the pattern to be consistent and flowing. The colours I chose were dark grey, and white - symbolising the exterior of the building. The third colour was Harvest Gold - which reflects the purpose of the mill. The final colour was a soft, mid grey, this was used as an accent colour used for the edging.


With this work, I produced an infinity scarf, a headband, a pair of fingerless mittens, a Digital 2D design and branded packaging. This project gave me the opportunity to learn more techniques while allow me to grow as a designer maker and was my first licensed project, which has been an enlightening experience.


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